E-Commerce Website


Your whole website will built on WordPress by which you can easily edit some of the general content whenever you need. You need not to spent any amount to hire someone for managing your website.

We will make your website on either Astra theme or on any premium theme. We will give you some templates of themes to choose. Which one will  be better will be used as your theme for the whole website.

Your website will have 8 to 10 pages of content. Which means your website will be a healthy website and can attract a good amount of traffic. You can choose whatever page you want to add in your site. 8-10 pages site is very good as an e-commerce site.

Every pages of your website will be fully customized. It will be made as you want. It will be customized as your brand colours and themes.

SSL is an certification which ensures that your site is safe from any type of malwares and it’s safe to access. By this certification your Google ranking will also improve. We can activate the SSL in your site without any extra cost.

We can integrate your WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger in your site. By which your customers can contact you and can know about your products and services directly from you.

If you already have your account on Google Business and you have a physical location of your business already setup in Google maps, then we can integrate your business location in to your site. Which will help many of your customers to reach your business location. 

We will set up your Google Analytics account and will add this website into it. We will integrate Google Analytics in your website which will help you to know the stats of your site. You can also know the real time traffic in your site.

We will integrate different payment gateways in your site itself, so that your customer need not go outside of your website to make payment for purchasing your products. 

We will make the entry of your products into your site. Your products will be visible in your site with proper images. We will make entry of your products up to 10 products. More than that may attract more charges.

If your products have size and colour variants, then we will add those in to the specific product so that your customers can purchase the product with the colour and size they want.

We will Make entry of the quantity of goods so that it will be visible to your customers. So that it will create an urgency for your customers to buy your products.

If you are selling something which can be sold in packages for example: Basic, Pro & Premium then, we will make package for you. So that it will be easy for your customers to know the features of the package and purchase that.

Whenever someone purchase something from your site the e-bill will be auto generated for them. Also they will get auto generated e-mail about the product and services details.

If you have any offer ongoing in your store, then you can show it on the top of your site and can attract more and more customers. We will add a top bar to your site so that everybody will get to know about your deals and offers.

You can arrange some spinning wheel contest on your site. In which everybody can participate and can win amazing prizes and coupons. We can add the spinning wheel in your site and also you can give the probability of every outcome in the spinning wheel. As it involves fun, it will attract more customers.


30000/- Only 19999/-